Pure Love


“Pure Love”
The heart is a universal symbol of love.
We dont find love by obtaining everything the world has to offer! PURE LOVE is unfinished without your using your heart! PURE LOVE is not and emotion, yet a decission one makes. There will always be darkness as long as we live in this fallen human state. BUT, when times get hard… KNOW that YOU ARE LOVED! Love never changes!
-HH (Logan Miles Allison)



Name: Logan Miles Allison (Heart Hatter)
Title: Pure Love
Dimension: 16x20in (40.64×50.8cm)
Date: 2020-2021
Technical: Acrylic, Beaver, Goat, Gold, Paste, Satin, Sterling Silver, Thread on Canvas
Positions of the : Bottom Right Corner (Wax Seal On Back)
Framing: Hand Made From Steel

Pure Love Hat Info:

Color: Red

Felt: 100% Beaver (100x)

Circumference:  7 1/8d″ RO

Crown: Embossed – (w. Burn Art)

Brim: 2 7/8″ – (w. Burn Art, Paint)

Liner: Satin (Champagne)

Sweatband: Goat Leather (Light Brown & Silver)

Headband: Ribbon with Bow, Stingray, Old Rusted Nail, Deer Leather, Lambskin Leather, Paint

Extras: Vintage Burn Art


Limited Art Canvas created by The Heart Hatter

Handmade in the USA

Contact thehearthatter@gmail.com for any questions!