I’mPerfectly Perfect (ART)

I'mPerfectly Perfect




Dimension: 72x96in (182.88×243.48cm)


Date: 2021


Technical: Acrylic, Beaver, Dirt, Clover, Goat, NC Acrylic, Oil, Paste, Pastel, Pencil, Sterling Silver, Thread, Wax on Canvas


Positions of the sig: Bottom Right Corner


Frame: Hand Made From Steel






“I’mPerfectly Perfect”


Welcome to a world of captivating reflection, where art becomes a portal to profound contemplation. Behold this enchanting masterpiece, a vivid expression of life’s eternal dance—the interplay between darkness and light, chaos and serenity, and the essence of human existence—the realm of free will and the infinite paths we can choose.


Journey through the soul-stirring brushstrokes that unfold before you, each stroke a testament to the choices we make and the seeds we sow. Breath in deep, and as you do, allow yourself to let go, contemplating where you are in life in the NOW (present moment).


Within these mesmerizing colors and forms, a message emerges—a reminder that you are one of one, utterly unique and incomparable—there is no one like you that ever was or ever will be. It’s an invitation to recognize your individuality and embrace the fact that “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO MAKE A GREAT DECISION AS LONG AS YOU ARE STILL BREATHING.”


– HH (Logan-Miles Allison)


Let this masterpiece serve as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of our divine gift of free will and the grace that accompanies it. As you stand before this transcendent creation, feel the call to embrace your unique path, and recognize the preciousness of every breath you take. Embrace the harmony of your existence and the infinite possibilities that lie before you, for within them lies the potential to embrace greatness through the choices we make.