Texas-born artist Logan Miles Allison, affectionately known as “The Heart Hatter”, is poised to revolutionize the art world by storm with groundbreaking art that challenges traditional norms and ignites the spirit of self-acceptance and purpose. 

Logan-Miles is a visionary artist, bold designer, and adventurous entrepreneur. Like you, he is one of a kind, embracing a unique path. He has used his gifted position to make an impact that transcends boundaries and creates ripples for “the worlds” calling to “Just Be”. He says “life is an endless quest for learning and creating, a time to celebrate the joy of being 1 of 1! It is our only chance we get to show the creator of life how much we love Him. I am jumping into the unknown to be used by the ultimate creator! I am here to be used as a paintbrush to change the world of art.”

Allison’s unique vision captivates audiences in a way that is nothing short of remarkable and awe-inspiring! In the unpredictable journey of business and life, he expresses the notion that uncertainty often leads to remarkable destinations.

Logan-Miles finds purpose in offering unique perspectives that breathe meaning into the world. Standing as a testament to strength and resilience the versatile artist joyfully explores various creative mediums, celebrating the boundless possibilities this world has to offer. – The chance/ ability to give meaning to anything and everything in life.

In the grand symphony of existence, Logan-Miles has discovered the two pillars within his control: Attitude and Effort. With these, he fearlessly ventures into the unknown, seeking to touch lives and change the world, one story, one day, one breath at a time.

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To him, each person is irreplaceably one of a kind, making individuality a wellspring of inspiration for his thought-provoking artworks! His unwavering desire remains unchanged—to craft one-of-a-kind works of art with every touch of his heART.

Recently, he ventured into new territory, collaborating with his twin brother, Lucas-Reid Allison. Logan-Miles conjures an artistic symphony that transcends conventional boundaries. Lucas, a virtuoso in crafting authentic piano compositions, intertwines his melodies seamlessly with Logan-Miles’ poignant poetry. Together, their creations form an immersive and transformative experience that resonates deep within the soul.

This harmonious partnership extends beyond the visual realm, crafting an emotional submersion that guides viewers on an extraordinary journey. With Lucas’ melodies and Logan-Miles’ verses, their synergy creates an exquisite interplay of senses, evoking emotions and painting vivid narratives through music and words. Together, they whisk people away from the mundane, unveiling stories that pulse with the rhythm of ones heart!

As the visionary owner and creator of The Heart Hatter brand, Logan-Miles holds six design patents that breathe life into his custom hats. He travels the world creating one of one hand made hats from scratch! Heart Hats are more than just a hat, they are one of. kind stories. Each hat is created with its own story. The Heart Hatter likes to sit down and listen to your story.. Logan measures with detail and cuts out your own personal head block so your hat fits like a glove! Heart hats are are a real canvas, hand made from scratch! These hats have been all over the world! These hats are a reminder that you are one of one with a story the world needs to hear! These works of art (hats) bring the authenticity out of who you are!

The Heart Hatter has lots more to offer. With a penchant for crafting hand-made poetry, art, apparel art, exquisite jewelry, and hats, he seamlessly combines artistry and craftsmanship to flow throughout his artistic creations. “The sky is where I start! My life is a work of art. There is so much to explore in the “crazy world” of art” , says The Heart Hatter. 

He sees this as merely the beginning, as the momentum of his journey builds with time. Logan-Miles, the visionary artist, designer, and adventurous entrepreneur, is driven by a love for learning and a passion for creation. He is here to change the world of art and those around him by being used as a paint brush by the ultimate creator

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