“Black” Sheep

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Name: Logan Miles Allison (Heart Hatter)

Title: “Black” Sheep

Dimension: 147 in. x 86 in. (373.38 cm. x 218.44 cm.)

Date: 2023

Technical: Acrylic, Crayon, Fishing Pole, NC Acrylic, Marker, Oil, Oil Stick, Pastel, Pencil, Staples, Steel, Thread, Wax, Wood on Canvas

Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner

Frame: Hand Made From Steel


Different, unusual, strange…

Seeing the world from different angles.
Understanding the “things” that lurk amongst the shadows..
Feeling alone at times.
Feeling like you may not belong…

One may have felt this way before (in one way or another)…

The “black” sheep(s) of the world… We…./ YOU, are special! BEYOND SPECIAL!

The good news is… WE HAVE ALL been called to be exactly who we are and we have been placed exactly where we are in this specific time of reality.! We all have a purpose! CHOSEN!

Leave behind the past and jump into the unknown! Revolution is upon us! The Almighty IS coming back! It is never too late to make a good decision as long as there is breath in ones lungs!

We must all be brave in who we have been called to be.
We must lead those who need our help.
Let us all serve and not give entitlement to everyone else. Except, may we measure our faith daily by the decisions and actions taken to further the kingdom of the King Of Kings and Lord of all Lords.

WE, the “black” sheep must remain steadfast, to never fold, and to continue to do the work we are set to do here!


-HH (Logan Miles Allison)