Travel Buddy


This is my first art piece I created as I hit the road in the Heart Hatter van!
We can see life in two ways. If we cut out emotion we can see things they way they truly are, that is, in black and white. When we get caught up in the world things can get very colorful and very confusing. Enjoy the adventure! Soak in life! We are all created to be unique individuals! Be You! Enjoy the finer things, BUT never abuse the gifts given.
Don’t be afraid to get on the road in journey we call life.
-HH (Logan Miles Allison)


Name: Logan Miles Allison
Title: Travel Buddy
Dimension: 12x15in. (30.48×38.1cm)
Date: 2018
Technical: Acrylic, Marker, Paste, Pencil, Wax on Canvas
Position Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner
Framing: Wood (White)


Limited Art Canvas created by The Heart Hatter

Handmade in the USA

Contact thehearthatter@gmail.com for any questions!