The Horsemen (ART)

The Horsemen

 Title: The Horsemen


Dimension: 70.875×81.5in (180.022×207.01cm)


Date: 2022


Technical: Acrylic, Canvas, Dirt, NC Acrylic, Oil, Oil Stick, Pastel, Pencil, Thread, Wax, Wood on Canvas


Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right 


Frame: Hand Made From Steel





“The Horsemen” 


Step into a realm of wonder and intrigue as you gaze upon “The Horsemen,” an extraordinary masterpiece by HH (Logan-Miles Allison). Journey through the fusion of history and prophecy, where the legendary tale of David and Goliath intertwines with the enigmatic visions of the Four Horsemen. Immerse yourself in the art’s captivating brushwork and poetic essence, seamlessly merging the past and future into the present moment—a testament to the timeless manifestation from Old Testament to the new.


Witness the art’s enduring spirit, triumphing over surreal battles, and inviting you to explore its mesmerizing allure from every angle. As you stand before this unparalleled celebration of art’s power, behold the echoes of history brought to life in “The Horsemen.”


-HH (Logan Miles Allison)