“rEJECTed” is an illustrated language of art that will forever empower, motivate, and speak to the world! Cool” today is not “cool” tomorrow! “rEJECTed” is an art piece/poem created to inspire the worlds of many unique human souls! This work was created from rejection for the rejected! This unique work of art is here to spark the confidence in the rejected so they may find courage to EJECT into the unknown!
P.S.- “YOU are 1 of 1! There is no one like you that ever was or ever will be! Do not be afraid of rejection! Seize the day with LoVe!”- Heart Hatter

Art Work: (Received With Purchase of NFT “rEJECTed”)
“Rejected” 2021, by Logan Miles Allison (Heart Hatter),  American. Acrylic, Beaver, Dirt, Goat, NC Acrylic, Oil, Paste, Pastel, Rocks, Satin, Sterling Silver, Thread, Wax on Canvas, 48x60in. (121.92×152.4cm)



Contact thehearthatter@gmail.com for any questions!