Path Way(Z) (ART)

Path Way(Z)

Title: Path Way(Z)


Dimension: 104 in. x 159 in. (264.16 cm. x 403.86cm.)


Date: 2023


Technical: Acrylic, Canvas, Crayon, Oil, Oil Stick, NC Acrylic, Pastel, Pencil, Staples, Steel, Thread, Wax on Canvas


Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner


Frame: Hand Made From Steel





Path Way(Z)


Witness and gaze upon the soul-stirring journey called “Path Way(Z)”, a captivating masterpiece that intricately weaves the tapestry of human history and personal choices. Through poignant poetry, the artwork delves into the dance between past and present, urging viewers to reflect on the pursuit of eternal life and the pitfalls of false ideals.


Nestled within the wreckage of societal chaos, the sculpture symbolizes resilience, marked by footprints of renewal and growth. Against the backdrop of looming war, “Path Way(Z)” challenges societal norms, advocating for individuality and the courage to deviate from the beaten path. As the observer, one can feel the weight of the world’s myriad perspectives attempting to overwhelm the unwavering spirit.


This painting serves as a powerful narrative, representing the experience of walking into a room over and over again. Each time the room is filled with countless worlds, each vying for attention and influence. Yet, amidst this diverse array, “Path Way(Z)” stands as a testament to standing firm on the narrow path, an unwavering commitment to never bow down to those who believe in entitlement and control. 


It is a reminder to embrace one’s uniqueness and resist the pressure to conform, emphasizing the timeless importance of individual strength for the survival and evolution of humanity.” It is a reminder that we will all come to an end here on this earth and that each choice we make impacts the word with a quantum ripple effect.


-HH (Logan Miles Allison)