Love IZ (ART)

Love IZ

Title: Love IZ


Dimension: 32x32in (81.28×81.28cm)


Date: 2021


Technical: Acrylic, NC Acrylic, Oil Pastel,  Paste, Thread on Canvas


Positions of Signature: Bottom Right Corner (Wax Seal On Back)


Framing: Custom White Wood





Without love, what is life?


Love is not random. Love is a choice! Choose LovE! Be HaPpy! SmiLe! Plant good seeds and see them grow! 


We are all some sort of flower! Be who you were created to be and bloom to the fullest! Let the sunshine in and know that you are imperfectly perfect! We all have scars in life!


Even the “stars”…


HEALED WOUNDS with a story the world needs to hear. 


-HH (Logan Miles Allison)