Intravenous (ART)


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Title: Intravenous 


Dimension: 204x86in (518.16×218.44cm)


Date: 2022


Technical: Acrylic, Dirt, Leaves, Marker, Oil Pastel, Rock, Staples, Thread, Wax on Canvas


Position Of Signature: Bottom Right


Frame: Hand Made From Steel






Dive into the pulsating energy of “Intravenous,” a vibrant creation by HH (Logan-Miles Allison). This masterpiece is more than a painting; it’s a journey, a testament to the artist’s fusion of life, fashion, and community.


Crafted in the heart of Texas, “Intravenous” began as a backdrop for high-end fashion. “Intravenous” was born on a friend’s farm where the artist, surrounded by nature, harnessed 15 gallons of paint, dirt, leaves, and rocks. These unconventional materials contributed to the creation of a multi-layered canvas that narrates a story of life, adventure, love, and hope. 


The canvas, once a singular entity, was transformed into multiple moving panels for a spectacular event in Waco, TX. Waco’s downtown streets became a canvas for over dozens of graffiti artists, with “Intravenous” taking center stage. The event was a celebration of free will, with Heart Hatter Art Apparel showcased alongside other talented designers. The experience was not just a moment; it was a journey—a journey that continued even after the event concluded. 


Back at the ranch, the panels were sewn and stapled back together, each piece receiving the artist’s final touch. But “Intravenous” wasn’t meant to be confined. It evolved into “Intravenous 29,” a collection of smaller works of art, ready to share the intensity of its origin with a broader audience.


“I am,” the artist provocatively questions, inviting viewers to ponder their own essence. The canvas, a reflection of the artist’s veins pulsating with life, encourages us to choose wisely on our journey through this thing called life.


“Intravenous” is not just a piece of art; it’s an immersive experience, a challenge, and an exploration. It is an invitation to embrace the adventure that runs through us all!


This piece challenges viewers to consider their own essence, prompting a philosophical reflection on life’s choices. As HH poses the question, “WHO ARE YOU?”


The artist extends heartfelt gratitude to those who contributed to the creation, installation, and dismantling of “Intravenous.” Their support is acknowledged as an integral part of this extraordinary journey.


-HH (Logan Miles Allison)