Intravenous 29 Collection – 23

We ALL go through many stages of life. Do not forget… Everyone had to crawl before they walked and everyone had to walk before they ran! We are constantly growing (if we choose to). Do not be afraid to stumble!

as the old saying goes ” When we get knocked down or fall, get back up and keep going!”

-HH (The Heart Hatter)

Bada Bing! Bada BOOM! “Intravenous” feeling fine!

This work of art has been through it all! I created this piece originally to be used as a back drop for the biggest, high-end fashion of Texas! I worked on “Intravenous” at a buddy’s farm where I stayed in my van and had some space to work. I used 15 gallons of paint, which helped me create hundreds of layers. I also used what was around me. So, instead of using paste, I used dirt, leaves, and rocks to give the panting a full dimensional feel. After creating the full canvas I ended up cutting it into multiple sections to be used as moving panels for the event. The event ended up being AMAZING! Waco, TX shut down the streets of downtown where we set the art piece up on main stage, located in the middle of the street! There were over 100 vendors with over 50 graffiti artist painting the walls all around us! The experience was indescribable! I was able to showcase my Heart Hatter Art apparel along side of some other amazingly talented designers with the best models in the world!
I ended up taking down the panels and headed back to the ranch. There, I sewed and stapled each piece back together and put my final touches on the canvas! This experience was so intense that I wanted more people to get the chance to experience this opportunity….. therefore, I ripped off the final strip of canvas to  create small works of art in a collection called “Intravenous 29”…
This is who I am…Who are you?
Life, adventure, love, and hope runs through my veins…What runs in yours?
We are all have free will on this journey called life. We may do as we please. Choose wisely.
I had tons of help with this piece. For those of you who helped me move, lift, strap, film, put up, and take down this art piece… I AM GRATEFUL!
-HH (Logan Miles Allison)

Name: Logan Miles Allison (Heart Hatter)

Title: Stages

Date: 2022

Technical: Marker, Oil, Pins on Canvas

Position Of Signature: Bottom Right

Framing: (BLK Box Collection) – (2/5)

Collection: Intravenous 29 – (23/26…)


Limited Art Canvas created by The Heart Hatter

Handmade in the USA

Contact for any questions!

Intravenous 29 Collection – 23

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