Highest ReGuards (ART)

Highest ReGuards

22Highest Reguards22 scaled

. Title: Highest ReGuards

Dimension: 52x68in (132.08×172.72cm)

Date: 2022

Technical: Acrylic, NC Acrylic, Oil Stick, Pastel, Pencil, Thread, Wax on Canvas

Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner


This work of art was inspired by the great story Gail and Bobby Rogal of Ro Gallery in New York! Before I met Bobby I did some research on him and his wife! What I found was so moving that I ended up creating this in less than 48 hours of jumping on a plane to see the gallery! The painting was probably still a little wet, but that just makes the story that much more amazing! He absolutely loved the surprise! He could not believe it! From there…. Banda Bing, Banda Boom! What a memory, what an adventure!

-HH (Logan Miles Allison)