F.L.Y. (ART)


Title: F.L.Y.


Dimension: 39 in. x 51.25 in. (99.06 cm. x 130.175 cm.)


Date: 2023


Technical: Acrylic, Canvas, Oil, Oil Stick, Pastel, Stain, Staples, Steel, Thread, Wax on Wood


Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner


Frame: Hand Made From Steel





We will be who we will be!

We are what we are.

It is what it is.


I am the only one that ever was or ever will be.



Be free,

Fly in the wind!

Enjoy your gift on earth

It comes to an end.


Do not get boxed up in this “sphered world”.


Fully Live Yours!


-HH (Logan Miles Allison)