Confusion “ART”



Title: Confusion 

Dimension: 36x60in (96.52×152.4cm)

Date: 2021

Technical: Acrylic, NC Acrylic, Oil, Paste, Pastel, Sterling Silver, Thread, Wax on Canvas

Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner

Frame: Hand Made From Steel



Step into the mesmerizing world of “Confusion,” an art piece that defies conventional boundaries and invites contemplation. Created by the talented HH (Logan-Miles Allison), this masterpiece delves into the essence of honesty, deception, and the enigma of understanding.

Explore the depths of uncertainty as HH questions the patterns that govern our lives. Witness the interplay between action and perception, inviting you to reflect on the true past-present.

Embrace the journey of self-discovery, where mistakes and challenges pave the path to growth. Delve into the roots of existence, observing what blossoms from the seeds we sow. Beware of the shadows that obscure the truth, as “Confusion” unravels the deceptive allure of false light.

In this captivating piece, HH (Logan-Miles Allison) invites you to find solace in faith and grace amidst the turmoil of confusion. Reflect on the profound truth that peace transcends material possessions, urging us to simply JUST BE (1 of 1).

Experience “Confusion” and embark on a transformative quest that reveals the beauty within chaos and unveils the resilience of the human spirit. Engage with this extraordinary artwork and be transported to a realm of boundless intrigue and inspiration.

-HH (Logan Miles Allison)