Change The World

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Name: Logan Miles Allison (Heart Hatter)

Title: Change The World

Dimension: 113 in. x 98.75 in. (287.02 cm. x 250.825 cm.)

Date: 2022-2023

Technical: Acrylic, Canvas, Crayon, Dirt, Marker, NC Acrylic, Oil, Oil Stick, Pastel, Pencil, Rocks, Staples, Steel, Thread, Wax, Wood on Canvas

Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner (Both Sides)

Frame: Hand Made From Steel


What a GIGANTIC work of art this turned out to be! Haha! This is actually one of my first pieces. It took me forever to finish!
I got inspired to create stories through my art. I decided to jump into the unknown and go all in.

I believe we are all artist in one way or another. I believe that life is the biggest canvas we have. The way we live, breathe, act, and think. Life is a big puzzle and we are all apart of it! We must move in love and have a vision to serve while being used.

I did not know what or how I wanted to start this painting off so I went to my favorite store to brain storm (MC Art Supply).
Haha, as I lay on the floor causing traffic for everyone around, I brainstorm and have my epiphany:

“All I have to do is create a masterpiece… ever time … it that’s easy…. it is in us all!”
“We have to make life out of who we are!”
“We must press the play button and keep going!”
“Let go, create YOURS!”
“Get rid of the pride and jump into the unknown.”


I ended up getting the scariest canvas offered at the store. I did this to face it head on with courage and excitement! I have many stories to tell the world. I have vision beyond what they see and art is the way I know how to really speak my being.

I must create masterpieces with miraculous stories.

“Cool” today is not “cool” tomorrow. How can I play my role in the wolrd as a leader to those around me?

To see the big picture is one thing…
To see the details in it…
..That is something special.

-HH (Logan Miles Allison)