Black Sheep (ART)


Black Sheep Final Editionfinal 2 scaled

Title: “Black” Sheep


Dimension: 147 in. x 86 in. (373.38 cm. x 218.44 cm.)


Date: 2023


Technical: Acrylic, Crayon, Fishing Pole, NC Acrylic, Marker, Oil, Oil Stick, Pastel, Pencil, Staples, Steel, Thread, Wax, Wood on Canvas


Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner


Frame: Hand Made From Steel





“Black Sheep”


Logan-Miles Allison’s work transcends the ordinary, delving into the realm of the different, unusual, and strange. His art invites us to see the world through unconventional lenses, to understand the enigmatic entities that linger in the shadows, and to empathize with the solitude of feeling like one may not belong.


The narrative woven into the canvas speaks to a universal experience—one of being the “black” sheep, of feeling special beyond measure yet, at times, adrift in a sense of not ever really belonging. Allison passionately declares that each one of us is chosen, purposefully placed in this specific reality at this precise moment. It’s a call to leave behind the past, jump into the unknown, and embrace the revolution that awaits. The Almighty, a force beyond comprehension, is coming back, and there is hope as long as breath fills our lungs.


In a rallying cry, Allison urges the “black” sheep to be brave in their uniqueness, to lead those in need, and to serve with purpose! This is not a call for entitlement but a challenge to measure faith daily through decisions and actions that further the kingdom of the King of Kings and Lord of all Lords!


Signed with a bold “BADA BING! BADA BOOM!” – HH (Logan-Miles Allison), this piece is a tribute to those awakening to their differences, to the leaders of the world placed precisely where they need to be. It is an homage to the brave lights in the midst of darkness, the ones who don’t fit in—the black sheep who must remain steadfast, never folding, continuing the work they are uniquely set to do.


This serves as a profound call out to the dark ones in power—a declaration that their compass has been called, and the circle of life wants them in it.


-HH (Logan Miles Allison)