Ancient Love (ART)

Ancient Love

Title: Ancient Love 


Dimension: 16x20in (40.64×50.8cm)


Date: 2019-2021


Technical: Acrylic, Beaver, Goat, Gold, Paste, Satin, Sterling Silver, Thread on Canvas


Positions Of Signature: Bottom Right Corner (Wax Seal  On Back)


Frame: Hand Made From Steel





This piece was created with almost every hat made from the 2018-2019! It is a beautiful story  because of the stories that have created this work of art!

In life we all experience so much! If we slow down, open our eyes and ears as we grow deeper into life itself, we can see the gold lining that each individual brings fourth into this world.


This work of art IS what it is! Just like life! Just Like YOU! We are all stitched together! Without love… Without using our heart… What is life, but an unfinished puzzle?


Thank you to all of the amazing people who gifted me their time! Thank you for sharing your story with me! Thank you for trusting me and  allowing me to listen! What an opportunity of growth this painting was too create! 


Bada Bing Bada Boom!


-HH (Logan Miles Allison)