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The Heart Hat was created out of love by milliner, Logan Allison aka The Heart Hatter. The unique design of each hat with his signature heart shaped top makes this hat one of a kind. 

You’ll never find the same Heart Hat anywhere!

Start creating your one-of-one heart hat today!

We have many colors to choose from for your next Heart Hat!

Contact me if you have any questions.


All Heart Hats are 100% fur felt blends.

  • 100% Rabbit, 50% Rabbit & 50% Beaver, or 100% Beaver

All clothing materials are premium and hand selected.

All jewelry is hand crafted and made of the highest quality components.

All available hats are here.

Contact us with any questions about a custom heart hat.

Yes! The Heart Hatter is the only traveling hatter in the world! Tour “The Van” and Contact us with any questions about travel arrangements.

Please submit a form here with  “pricing” in the comments to get your pricing list!

Welcome to The Heart Hatter Family!

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