Custom "One-of-One" Heart Hats

Spring 2020 Collection

NEW Ready to wear Heart Hats!

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Exclusive lineup of ready to wear Heart Hats released at Agenda 2019.

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About The Heart Hatter

The HEART 🧡 HATTER brand is an unrivaled creation of who I am deep down. It is who I am. It is a way I can share my uniqueness with the world! I believe all people are special and should have a great life experience. It is important to me that people give themselves the “OKAY” or the “I AM GOOD ENOUGH” to be comfortable with themselves. We all have to have confidence in what we do, or we do not shine to our potential! 

The HEART HATTER allows people the freedom to shine bright! This brand gets people to jump out of their comfort zone and feel special with who they are as a creation in this world!