My Story

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Who Am I?

I am a visionary artist, designer, and adventurous entrepreneur who loves to learn and create!! I am 1 0f 1, just like the person who read this!  I am a firm believer in spreading Christ’s TRUE love and joy throughout the world with my gifts and talents.



Logan Miles Allison

The Heart Hatter

Our story

About The Brand


 Everyone in the world wants to feel “noticed” for who they are right? The HEART HATTER gives that to people. Something personal! Something that is theirs! HEART HATTER products are all custom pieces of art! All product is hand made, from the hats to the jewelry! The HEART HATTER gives people a sense of pride and confidence because every piece made is anomalous and extraordinary just for that special customer.
 The HEART HATTER brand is an unrivaled creation of who I am deep down. It is who I am.  It is a way I can share my uniqueness with the world! I believe all people are special and should have a  great life experience. To me, it is very important for people to be authentic with who they are because there are no two people created the same! To me, authenticity is very important with experiencing who we truly are as humans! It is important to me that people give themselves the “OKAY” or the “I AM GOOD ENOUGH” to be comfortable with themselves. We all have to have confidence in what we do, or we do not shine to our potential! The HEART HATTER allows people the freedom to shine bright! This brand gets people to jump out of their comfort zone and feel special with who they are as a creation in this world!
 Becoming “The Heart Hatter” was very random and truly a gift sent to me from above. My Me Maw (grandmother) blessed me with my first felt hat. It was so special to me! It was made of black beaver felt with an orange bandana wrapped around it! My hat made me feel confident, unique, and different! I wore it everyday, until it was stolen from me! I was on a set shooting, when a man on a bicycle snatched my hat and road off into the distance. I called my Me Maw and told her the news about the hat I loved so dearly. She told me ” you better learn how to make you a hat then!” I took her advise and taught myself how to make hats the next week, literally! I learned the history of the milliner and how to create a hat from top to bottom, which inspired me to create the most cared for, unique, detailed, and highest quality hat one can make!

“Now the adventure begins!”

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What Makes Us Unique?


Anyone can go out and buy a felt hat from a store. It is as simple as that! There are many factories that press hats out daily. The difference with HEART HATTER is that I, The Heart Hatter, am different!



It starts with my vision, my philosophy, and my art into the hat. The love I have at HEART HATTER, to bless people, make them feel special, and always being personal with each and every product, and customer is what makes the experience so special! Not to mention the care and quality time spent with each product item being made.

There is no other hatter with my drive and passion to create the style of hats produced.

We believe ALL people are special and unique. There is no such thing as “perfect”. Therefore, we make the 


Our Products

We source all of our furs from right here in the USA. Our hats are exceptional, made with the highest and finest quality sourced felt. Our most popular felt is our 100% pure beaver fur. This is the most durable, softest, and water resistant felt in the world! We also offer a (50/50) blend, which contains 50% beaver fur and 50% rabbit fur. This felt is the highest quality beaver blend one can acquire for a vibrant color (Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Etc) felt hat.

– All hats are 100% fur felt blends. (100% Rabbit, 50% Rabbit & 50% Beaver, or 100% Beaver) 

– All clothing materials are premium and hand selected.

– All jewelry is hand crafted and designed of the highest quality components.