I look forward to hearing your story & creating a
Perfectly Imperfect hat for the Imperfectly Perfect YOU!

- HH

Step 1) Measure Your Head

First you need to measure your head to get the perfect fitting Heart Hat.

This custom Heart Hat will be made from scratch to fit YOUR head, not just a standard size!

Watch the video below or read more about the measuring and sizing of your head.

Step 2) Choose Your Color

What color Heart Hat do you want?

This is an important decision but, rest assured, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from!

You can view all felt colors here or check out my portfolio for more inspiration!

image000000 1
image000001 1

Step 3) Complete Questionnaire

Fill out your details and describe the perfect Heart Hat for you!

Step 4) Meet with The Heart Hatter

Submit the questionnaire above to book a time to meet with The Heart Hatter!